By Traxex84 Sep 19, 2012
Hello, I have Three questions reguarding the mount ranking page if you could answer them whenever you get a chance that would be amazing.

1). Do you plan to change the coding so that people only show up once in the list? at the moment people and 5 or 6 of their alts alts are all showing up in a row making the list very cluttered and inacurate. (Someone in my guild went from rank 9 to 70 due to this)

2). Do you ever plan on adding a report system or anything of that nature to report those that cheat their way into the rankings by buying level 10 alts off mount collectors to obtain their rare mounts? For example:

He is a clear example of somebody who did this as well as many others who are currently unfairly at the top of the list.

3). Since 5.0 you can no longer see peoples mount/pet collection on the armoury (I assume this will be re-enabled after mists release) However I was wondering how you are getting an accurate number of monts if you can not see how many they actully have? unless there is something obvious I am missing.

By Polar Sep 19, 2012
1. Yes, but we are sorting out the alt detection algorithm first - see

2. I am open to ideas on how to detect mount collecting "cheats"

3. We are using the number based on lists that are fed to us via the official WoW API. I understand Blizzard is yet to fully update this so we will be using slightly dated data.
By Traxex84 Sep 21, 2012
2. I am open to ideas on how to detect mount collecting "cheats"

I would suggest a report feature, from what I have seen all the people that have bought the mounts have all their feat of strengths on the same day. E.g. mimrons head, zulian tiger and invincible on the same date would clearly be fake. While people that are getting the feats of strength on their alts have the same date as the original character that got it.
By Polar Sep 21, 2012
Are they buying mounts or buying alts?
By Traxex84 Sep 22, 2012
As far as I am aware the method they use is to buy level 10's off of mount collectors/gold sellers via character transfer, they then get the mounts on their account that were on the other account.
By Polar Sep 22, 2012
I think character transfer between accounts is a pretty tough thing to do (Blizzard generally don't allow it) - and I am questioning how often it happens.
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