By Polar Sep 15, 2012
Alt detection is now live - check out an example from my handsome warrior:

It can be disabled by going into the game, selecting Interface/Display and then checking the "Display Only Character Achievements to Others".

Note that you must actively log into your alts in the game for this detection to work - this will ensure your alt's achievement points are updated to match all of your other toons.

There may be some alts that don't get detected (after you log in and out of the game and then hit the "update" button). Let us know if you find some that are not coming up and we will investigate. There are some limitations to the system but let's see how it goes.
By Hexzon Sep 15, 2012
Seriously Awesome, So far from what I've seen its working very well.

Interesting how it's even linking up X-Realm Toons :)

You Figured out how to handle certain leader boards yet now that you can link alt characters?

Either way looks great, awesome that you got it figured out pre-mop will be great to see how leader boards turn out once alts removed.
By Polar Sep 16, 2012
We are starting with just getting the alt detection and accurate as we can. Leaderboards will be sorted by MoP launch.
By rahael Sep 17, 2012
Unfortunately, armory doesn't update achievements on alts until the person logs into that character which is resulting in small point differences. My realm is mid to low pop, so currently many alts are not being collapsed properly. I'm guessing alt detection will keep continuously try to link characters so this issue will fix itself over time?
By rahael Sep 17, 2012
Actually, right after posting, I noticed that yesterday my paladin and priest were showing up as linked alts, but I got an achievement today and only logged into my paladin and hunter so now they are showing up as linked alts without preserving the connection to my priest. That's going to be a problem for the rankings in the future.
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