By kdeff Sep 13, 2012
Toast (H) Arthas-US is currently recruiting for our MoP 10 man core raid team. A large part of the guild are RL friends who have been spread across multiple servers for our WoW careers until recently. Several of our members have been raiding with a focus on bleeding edge progression since Vanilla and early BC, and our leadership group has experience maintaining top 100 rankings in past guilds. We intend to hit the ground running in MoP and clear content quickly and efficiently. We appreciate our raiders and their sparkling personalities, but raid time is dedicated to refining strategies, perfecting performance, and ultimately boss kills. Our belief is that Guild Raid Player. Therefore, if you're searching for a place to assert your e-dominance or more shiny loots for your collection, look elsewhere. We believe that loot is plentiful and replaceable, but the pride of accomplishing feats that we could not overcome on our own lasts far longer than this week's top item level.

We are currently looking for:
DK (tank or DPS)
But any exceptional applicant is definitely welcome, and will be carefully considered.
Our raid times are Tues Wed 11PM-3AM and Sun 9PM-1AM (1:30 Reserved if we feel a kill is close)

What's expected of you:
-Showing up for raids ready to pull. This means having gear upgraded to the best of your ability, gemmed and enchanted. It also means having the necessary consumables for the entire raid night.
-Being prepared for the scheduled content. The guild forums will contain the evening's expected activities, and all raiders must know the fight and be ready to contribute to any strategy adaptations necessary.
-Remaining educated on your class. Perfection is not a realistic expectation for any raider. Constantly striving to achieve perfection is absolutely expected. Each raider is expected to be continually learning about their class and looking for new ways for their class to contribute to the group's success. This also includes being knowledgeable in multiple specs and roles if it's necessary for the raid's success.
-Being respectful. Period. For any group to succeed, those within it must be respectful of one another. When you don't properly prepare for a raid night and cost the team a wipe due to ignorance of mechanics or inattention, you are being disrespectful of your team's time. Same goes for taking too long on breaks, spotty attendance, etc. This is a big one for us. We will constantly strive to be respectful of one another.

Of course we understand that RL WoW, and as such we have policies in place for missing raid due to whatever comes up. We're not unreasonable. As an added bonus, several of our core members are PvP enthusiasts, and plan on filling off nights with multiple arena teams and RBGs. We are decidedly PvE focused, but there is plenty of PvP going around. Also banter. Just loads of banter. Witty and otherwise.

Anyone interested can apply at Thanks for your time, and happy hunting!
By kdeff Sep 18, 2012
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