By Viperna Jul 13, 2012
Does GuildOx track guild purposely transferring to other servers to ninja faction/realm firsts? I know this sounds like a QQ post and it an overall matter it shouldn't matter but considering how they weren't on my main server of Bloodscalp they should be factor as lead of the server.
By Viperna Jul 13, 2012
Unrivaled transferred just a few months ago and they did only too down madness before us and I agree they did it before my guild but considering they weren't here before they shouldn't be ranked above us. I doubt anything will happen but it doesn't make the post.
By Polar Jul 13, 2012
I know we have covered this off in an email, but for everyone else:

GuildOx treats a guild transfer to a new server as simply a new guild on the server - and it doesn't distinguish between a new guild and a guild that our crawler has not seen before. This new guild will inherit all the kills and raid achievements of its current members.

If the old guild does not completely disband, then it will remain on the old server so long as it continues to meet the minimum requirement for GuildOx listing (currently 15 members of any level). We don't do manual removal of guilds.
By Ackis Jul 22, 2012
Is there anyway to manually flag a player transfer? My guild recently transferred and my toon isn't showing up as being transferred:

Switched to:
By Polar Jul 22, 2012
It seems fine from this end - what am I missing?
By Ackis Jul 22, 2012
That's strange, when I linked it, it didn't show the transfer at all.
By Polar Jul 23, 2012
Glad to hear that it is sorted.
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