By Squeal Jun 15, 2015
Everything seems to be correct but the banners section isn't updating. It is still showing an old kill and rank from months ago.
By dp (site admin) Jun 15, 2015
I can't see any obvious problems. Can you tell me your guild and realm so I can check your specific case?

By Squeal Jun 15, 2015
US-Oceanic, Khaz'goroth, Circus of the Lost

Banners are displaying incorrect rankings and kill status.
By Flaer02 Jun 26, 2015
Having the same problem with my guild, our raid progress rank banner still shows our best progress Heroic Tectus when we've killed much more since then.
By dp (site admin) Jun 26, 2015
It could be a caching issue, as when I look at the page you linked to, I see your T18 progress in the banners.

When you look at the text-based banners further down the page, do you see your T18 progress, or is that still 'stuck' in T17 too?

By Flaer02 Jun 27, 2015
Previous post was by me, somehow by clicking the Login button that was at the bottom of this thread I got logged in as dp.
By dp (site admin) Jun 27, 2015
Oh, that's worrying... I'll look into that.
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