By rezuce Feb 23, 2015
Hi everyone,

before starting to say my problem, i would like to say you your website is really nice !

My guilde :

I see that "Oregorger" is validate since "7 days ago",
But this same day we achieve theses other boss with the same number of members :
*Hans'gar and Franzok
*Beastlord Darmac

Can you verify and upload this information ?

Thank's for your job !

By dp (site admin) Feb 23, 2015

Thanks for the feedback. The reason Guildox hasn't registered your other kills is that less than 5 of your guildoes have killed the boss at the same time. Looking at Gruul: One killed on 11th, one on the 14th, 4 on 16th, 2 on 19th, 2 on 21st and 1 on 23rd. Guildox needs at least 5 guild members present at once for the kill to be registered.

I hope that helps.

By rezuce Feb 23, 2015
8 members was present the 15th february.

I dont like to do that but you can verify on the opponent website :

details :

if you click on boss you can see the name of theses members
By dp (site admin) Feb 25, 2015
We have stricter rules than wowprogress, which we feel makes for a more accurate list.

If your guildies all kill a boss at different times, we don't classify that as a 'guild kill' as you did not all kill the boss together. To register the kill in GuildOx, please kill thos bosses this week together, all log out and then click 'update now' on your guild page.

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