By kahless Jan 5, 2015

First off all kudos to the redesign and taking over this huge project

We do have a problem tough, I see in the toons scans that the kills are being counted, just not on guild level: it shows 1/7N while we are on 6/7N could you check it?
By dp (site admin) Jan 5, 2015
All updated now. Sometimes it takes an hour or two for the new kills to pass validation and show on the site.

However, for Kargath Bladefist we're only seeing 9 guildies present for that kill. A minimum of 10 is required which is why it's not showing on the site.

By kahless Jan 5, 2015
Hello David,

Thanks for the quick reply, our guild first kill was with 9 ppl in total so that whould explain why it doesn't show.
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