By doriangray Aug 1, 2014
Ranking for Area 52 is not updating. Blizzard has some issues, supposedly resolved. Can you fix the ranking?
By dp (site admin) Aug 1, 2014
Yes, it should all be resolved in the next 24 hours.

By shaid70 Oct 3, 2014
Its still not right. You have a guild ranked at number 1 on area 52, with the top 10 players in that, 6 of those toons belong to one person. Is this how you cheat people out of RBG ranking? You cant count alts for RBGs and expect everyone to believe that your ranking is accurate.
By unknown Dec 26, 2014
Any luck with area 52 updating?
By dp (site admin) Dec 26, 2014
What specifically do you think is wrong with Area 52? The issues from back in October were fixed around then. David.
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