By Ox Mar 12, 2014
Not sure what the dela is, but a new guild was formed, but hadly any of the moves picked up:

New guild:

and almost everyone in it came from here:
By dp (site admin) Mar 13, 2014
Normally, you just need to click 'update' on the new guild's page, and the character transfers will be registered within a day.

If that hasn't happened, please give me some example names of characters that have not moved on Guildox. If you like, you can email them to me using the "Contact Us" page.

By Ox Mar 15, 2014
If you will just click on the above links you will see a list of about 80 characters in the moves tabs all moving from one guild to the other, and none of the moves were picked up. we have been updating both guilds saily for about 2 weeks now. It started picking up the moves on the 14th, but it missed everything in the two weeks prior to that.
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