By cyc Mar 4, 2014
My guild (Eleventh Hour- Durotan) was created in January and began raiding. We are currently 13/14 SoO and working on Garrosh. Today GuildOx updated that we killed Garrosh on 2/9/14. Also our kill of Paragons (which happened on 2/27/14) is showing as a kill date of 2/9/14. Is this a glitch? And how can we fix it to report properly?
By dp (site admin) Mar 7, 2014
Blizzard currently has a bug in their API that sometimes stops the Paragons kill from recording correctly, so we work from either gear drops or a Garrosh kill. I've removed the incorrect Garrosh kill and changed the kill date of Paragons. Thanks for the heads up.

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