By milton Feb 24, 2014
My guild XupaKabra@Brim Batol is only updating its members from the Grim Batol server, leaving the Aggra(português) server members in a ghost Aggra side Xupakabra guild that does not exist.

Can you please look into it?

Thank You
By milton Mar 4, 2014
any news on this bug?
By dp (site admin) Mar 4, 2014
Sorry for the delay in replying.

I am currently rebuilding GuildOx to take multi-realm guilds into account. Should be all working again in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience.

By milton Mar 5, 2014
ty, I've allways prefered GuildOx over wowprogress or any other ranking website.

looking foward for the fix :)
By milton Mar 23, 2014
Any update on the time frame? Thanks
By milton Apr 27, 2014
I'm sry for being a bit of a pain about this, but please give us some info about the status of this issue since it seems that GuildOx is losing steam when compared to Wowprogres. I really love guildox and what it stands for, I started using is right from the very beggining and I'd hate to have to leave it.. :(

Anyway I worked arround the limitation using "custom raid groups" for the time being. This is actually a very good way to *fix* it, and it wouyld actually be good if there was a way of automating custom groups... For example, a few of my guild members have alts in some other guilds, whenever the system detected a kill with someone outside the guild (an alt from a member) it would trigger a question to the guild admin the next time logged on asking if that player should be added to guild's raid group even tho he is not in the guild with that character. The guild roster would remain the same, along with guild members progress but there would be a reference on the guild page about any progress done with persons (not characters) from that guild.

Again thank you for your work.
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