By Proderic Feb 14, 2014
Tried adding Poping on Farstriders, level 90 toon. Then tried several of my other 90s and they show the same error.
By Missanthropy Feb 19, 2014
If you attempt to simply update a character, I tried several of them, you get the same error, which I've been seeing for several days. The characters were, however, showing as recently updated, so this suggests that while the interface to the Armory is OK, there's something jammed up in the queuing process for manual updates and added toons.

Allt detection is the feature that I like BEST, as it allows us to accurate access the potential of new guild members who are at least level 60. There's a HUGE difference between:

* A level 90 character who has been changing guilds every month since forever
* A level 85 character who already has a half-dozen raid capable alts on a different server

Guess which of the new members is the more desirable? So we routinely add all toons who are level 60 or above, and when somebody brings as alt into the guild we don't even have to ask. We can directly observe their current guild member alt/main.
By Proderic Feb 20, 2014
I have hidden my alts on here, as I don't like the idea that all my 90s are known. People tend to ask me to do more than I care to on a new server when they find out I have multiple 90s and am a guild leader on my main. Alt detection is my least favorite feature here.
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