By bacobaar Jan 15, 2014
Hi , i updated my guild (Destroyers Of Azeroth , Aggramar EU) today round 12.00 GMT +1 , it's now 16.37 GMT+1 and it's still at the status * loading characters * , yesterday it took more than 3 hours before the status was changed to updated .
By davidg45014 Jan 16, 2014
I am having the same issue with the updating of my guilds progress in 10 man, Lil Horde On-drak'thul US. would like to see this issue fixed.
By drslop24 Jan 16, 2014
Same problem here The Slophouse Bandits on bleeding hollow
By Gervahlt Jan 16, 2014
Same problem with Outcry of Insanity on Turalyon. *loading characters* has been the status for us now for 23 hours.
By dargel Jan 17, 2014
Same problem for Nightwalkers Darksorrow EU. *loagin characters* for around 48 hours now
By Kittykilz Jan 19, 2014
Same issue since Monday. Guild - Immortal Dragons. Server - Aggramar (US realm). SIX days unable to see progression showing 3 with only 8 guild members on the list, we had nine. Tuesday 6 bosses downed not updated 9 guild members present.
By moiriana Jan 19, 2014
Same with our guild. It's been *loading characters * since last night. Tiyospaye on Durotan. We had 9/10 present for Shamans
By Lonewind Jan 19, 2014
Same for HIghland Warriors at EU-Thunderhorn, been like this for 24 hours now.
By hitechbubba Jan 19, 2014
Same for Armored Boulevards at US-Kul Tiras. been at least 3 days. suspect it has to do with the connected realms and having toons from Bladefist in the Guild.
By Crianna Jan 19, 2014
Same here BreakingBad @ Garona-US, and we are not a connected realm.
By dp (site admin) Jan 20, 2014
Thanks for all the reports. The scanners had gotten stuck and were only scanning a small number of guilds per hour. All fixed now, but the backlog will take a few days to clear. If your guild has not completed updating in 24 hours, please let me know.

By M1NO Jan 20, 2014
My guild page has been stuck on Loading Characters for days now.
By casper05 Jan 21, 2014
My guild page has had the same*Loading characters* for days as well.
By Mamacita Jan 21, 2014
Hey David,

thx for the support so far, finally found my guild again - yay!!! But now I'm still facing the *character loading* issue like the others :( Hope you'll fix it soon.. people on our realm start thinking we're dead xD

Greetings, Mamacita
By Mamacita Jan 21, 2014
BTW its Horde ante portas / RP-PvP / EU / DE / Das Syndikat
By hoofdee Jan 21, 2014
same, Clothing Optional @ Dragonblight-US. also can't link youtube videos.
By perfourras Jan 22, 2014
My guild page still has the same *Loading characters* inspite of the fix. Thanks for the support.
By Lakritzio Jan 22, 2014
Hello David,

our guild page has the same bug! THX for support:

By bacobaar Jan 22, 2014
Hi David ,

I've waited more than 48 hours since you replied but my guild is still stuck at * loading characters * , maybe it's time to feed the hamsters ;))
By dp (site admin) Jan 22, 2014
Hi all,

Thanks for your patience. All the guilds listed here are now updated, and the rest of the backlog is being cleared. Please let me know if you still see "Loading Characters"

@hoofdee, I can't replicate your problem with not being able to upload YouTube videos. Can you try again and let me know if it's still a problem?

By hoofdee Jan 23, 2014
i'm able to upload now, no problems!

although, if i can nitpick, it's still very picky about syntax. i have to strip out any "&" parts of the URL and it won't accept https://

minor things, though - thanks for keeping the site going.
By casper05 Feb 5, 2014
Is this an on going problem ? as our guild ox is not updating tonight's kill ....

By casper05 Mar 15, 2014
We moved servers from Nordrassil and have updated the guild on here. and for some reason it you r ranking has removed one of our hc boss kills as we have killed 6/14 not 5/14 can we have this updated please
By Toffee Mar 21, 2014
Hi David,

Still the same for us at

Not registered our Thok kill.

By Fedith Oct 21, 2014
no entirely related but my guild (No Progress, Earthen Ring EU) disappeared totally! dunno what happened and it doesnt allow me add it again here.
By bacobaar Oct 21, 2014
Same with my guild ; Destroyers Of Azeroth - Aggramar-EU

Add Guild
Searching Armory for guild... Failed - Could not find guild 'Destroyers Of Azeroth' on realm 'Aggramar-eu'. Check names of guild and server.
By dp (site admin) Oct 21, 2014
Guildox relies on Blizzard's API. Unfortunately, Blizzard are currently having problems with their API since 6.0.2 went live. Some valid guilds are not showing up in the API anymore, so they get deleted from Guildox. I have spoken to Blizzard and they are working on the problem.

I suggest you continue to try re-adding your guild every day. Once they fix their problem your guild will be able to be added to Guildox.

Thanks for your patience.

By rodlimas Oct 24, 2014
My guild ( Rise of The Dark Sun@goldrinn) is stucked on Last updated * loading characters *
By dp (site admin) Oct 24, 2014
Rodlimas, your guild is also affected by Blizzard's API problems. When Guildox tries to find it on their API, we're getting a "Guild not found" message even though I can see it through the normal Armory.

Blizzard are working on the problem and it should be fixed in another few days.

By Thorvaldr Nov 7, 2014
Been stuck at "loading characters" for about an hour now. Is the API problem still an issue?
By dp (site admin) Nov 7, 2014
No, the API issues are all fixed now.

*loading characters* may take a couple of hours depending on how many characters are in your guild. Please be patient.

By Thorvaldr Nov 8, 2014
Does it normally take about 2 days for it to update? I think there's an actual bug not a patience issue, it's stuck on Loading characters for hours then just stops.
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