By Morrowwind Jan 11, 2014
the other day it said I left my guild and so far I haven't seen my toon back , is this a glitch?
By dp (site admin) Jan 11, 2014
What is your toon and realm name and I'll take a look.

By Morrowwind Jan 11, 2014
Morrowwind akama
By dp (site admin) Jan 13, 2014

It's back now. Looks like the data from Bliz a few days ago didn't include your toon when we requested guild members so we deleted it. Bliz is sending the right data now, and I've verified that your toon is back on the system.

By Mamacita Jan 22, 2014
Hi there David,

big thx for support so far once again :) found my guild again and it finally started loading characters.. still not fully uploaded yet, but that's okay for now.
But I can't find none of my active toons listed in my guild or on guildox :(
Guild: Horde ante portas / Realm: Das Synidkat / Toon: Nonchifu (Hunter), Mamacita (Priest), Wingchun (Monk)

Thx, Mamacita
By tarminite Feb 3, 2014
Hi David,

Same here, I can't find my toon on guild Ox either, and is no longer on my guild list.

It is Schnuppi on Aggrammar.

Thanks for your assistance in advance.
By clfish Jul 7, 2017
Hi David......Same here!!!!!

Stormrage-US: Woodbadger
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