By beels Oct 24, 2013

The Update Guild has been stuck in "Last updated * loading characters * "
Could there be something wrong? How fast the process should be?
My guild is Turha - EU - Khadgar

Best regards, Pastafari
By Zanariah369 Oct 24, 2013
Mine is also stuck on the loading characters screen since monday. Trying to update before our next guild run this weekend. Ancient Vengeance on Dentarg-US server.

By vorosh Oct 24, 2013
Same here our guild is stuck

soldiers of Elune - Silvermoon EU
By Platinus Oct 25, 2013
Same for our guild can not make the new boss fall days
thank you in advance for the links répararer

good luck and good day
By sevan Oct 25, 2013
Two Minute Warning - Thunderhorn US also stuck loading characters. Has been for most of the week.
By Polar Oct 25, 2013
We are investigating. Standby
By Polar Oct 25, 2013
We recently implemented a new queue system and this happens to be a side-effect of that system. We have pushed out a change that is now working through all of those guilds that have been queued up and it should be back to normal over the next 12 hours. Let us know that your guild is processing again when you notice it fixed or otherwise.
By beels Oct 26, 2013
This is now working. Thank you for a quick fix and also for your awesome site!
By Polar Oct 26, 2013
Glad to hear that it is now sorted.
By Polar Nov 3, 2013
Locked - all fixed
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