By Deunan Oct 20, 2013
My alt toon isn't showing up under my main for ranking purposes.

I'm not sure why but I was wondering if there is a way to fix it.

This is for Exodar-US server.

thank you,
By Polar Oct 20, 2013
Hi - when you say "for ranking purposes" - what do you mean? Specifically where do you expect your alt to be showing when it is not? Which is your main and which is your alt? Thanks
By Deunan Oct 20, 2013
lets say I look under toon rankunique petsSoul and over to the right side and you see Guild History, Alts, Server transfers/Name changes.

I should have Soulmourne listed under Alts. Main is Soul.

I think it's not because the armory is bugged on Soul and not listing all her achievements where as Soulmourne is fairly accurate. (+10/-10 points).

By Polar Oct 21, 2013
I am fairly sure it is because you have switched off your achievement display for Soul. Try this:

Go into the game, select Interface/Display and then un-check the "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" setting for Soul. Log out. And then hit refresh on Soul on the GuildOx page and your alt should appear.
By Deunan Oct 22, 2013
ohh wow. thank you !!

I don't ever remember checking that box but it worked :)

thank you again.
By Polar Oct 23, 2013
Locked - glad to hear that it is sorted
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