By Zanariah369 Oct 16, 2013
My guild Ancient Vengeance-Dentarg US killed Jin'rokh 10 man normal on 10/13/2013. We had 10 guild members in the group for the run- Zanariah, Tiamok, Yuengling, Rilus, Eliandrea, Magennta, Chuknorriss, Pandomonium, Arcageddon and Ayasa. I have updated multiple times since the 13th and it still does not show under our progression. Thanks.
By Polar Oct 16, 2013
We are on the case and should have an resolution shortly. We implemented a new queue mechanism earlier last weekend and I suspect this may have something to do with it. Standby for more.
By Polar Oct 17, 2013
This should be fixed now.
By Polar Oct 19, 2013
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