By Polar Sep 12, 2013
There is currently an issue with the official API where not all Paragons of the Klaxxi normal mode kills are being recognized in the "progression" feed. You can verify this by going to a page of a character that has completed the Paragons and quite often you will see that they are not showing the paragons in the progression part of the profile (at the bottom of the page).

We have reported this to Blizzard and hope they have a fix soon. In the meantime, we are investigating a work-around based on the guild news feed and hope to have a temp fix out shortly.
By Polar Sep 13, 2013
Update - yesterday we coded up a bit of a work around so that if you kill Garrosh normal mode then you will be granted a Paragons normal mode kill as well.

Blizzard confirmed to me that this is an in-game bug and has been reported to the developers to get fixed. Let's hope it happens soon so that this can be be more accurately tracked.
By Polar Sep 26, 2013
I have pinged Blizzard to see where they are at with this. I hope we get a proper fix from them rather than having to do further code-arounds based on incomplete data.
By Polar Oct 15, 2013
Note that this is still an issue from Blizzard's API and it also affects the Flex mode ranks. We are still pushing our friends at Blizzard to get this resolved.
By Polar Oct 17, 2013
I got a note back from Blizzard stating that it looks like they have found and fixed the Paragons of the Klaxxi progression bug but it is not live yet. Hopefully it will be pushed out shortly.
By Vorem Oct 24, 2013
Thanks much for the updates on this, this was exactly what i was looking for.

One thing about your work-around. Our guild is a 25 man raiding guild, that has never pugged or stepped down to 10 man for any fight. It was very unsettling to see that your work-around made our Paragons kill show up as a 10 man kill, even though the +List button shows all 25 raiders attributed to the raid.
Would it be possible to tweak it to fix this, or should we just wait till Blizzard fixes it on their end?
By Polar Oct 24, 2013
We are just waiting on the official fix from Blizzard. It should be coming real... soon.
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