By Peedress Jul 15, 2013
It does not matter how I put Toon names, I can not get them added to our custom Raid teams. I know our server is two words and I read the forum regarding that issue. No matter what I do I can not add them. Can anyone please help me.
By Polar Jul 19, 2013
Can you let me know the name of your server and a couple of the character names that you are trying to enter?
By Peedress Jul 22, 2013
Azjol Nerub -US

By Polar Jul 22, 2013
Can you try entering your realm name as Azjol-Nerub-US (with the dash in the middle) and let me know how it goes?
By Peedress Jul 24, 2013
I tried that before and it didn't work but now it does! Thank you so much!!!!
By Polar Jul 24, 2013
Locked - fixed
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