By kurnmogh Jun 27, 2013
Seems as though my profile has acquired a non-existant alt. I do not own the level 90 character Droodle on US-Stormrage.
By Polar Jun 29, 2013
What would be the name of your main character? Thanks
By Lonelywolf Jul 15, 2013
I'm having the same issue as Kurnmogh.
And this is happening on "multiple" toons of mine. Pretty frustrating since it accuses that you are them(people listed on your alt list),
which is false info.

I've sent an email to Polar directly about specific details on which toon to fix,
because I don't feel like posting my toon names on open forums.

I hope this get fixed ASAP.
By Lonelywolf Jul 17, 2013
I found a temporary work around, but its only "temporary".

If you don't want your alts to be shown, you're obviously checking, "Display Only Character Achievements to Others".
But for this work around, you have to uncheck it.
Then logoff.
Go to your characters guildox page and click update.
Then the incorrect alts listed will be gone.

But, if you had it checked previous, you obviously want to re-check "Display Only Character Achievements to Others",
so that your alts won't be displayed.
The problem is, when you re-check it, and update your characters guildox page,
it lists the same incorrect alts again.

Thats why this is a "temporary" work around.

So whatever algorithm this website is using to track alts, needs to be fixed.
Or this will keep happening to some other peoples characters too.
Maybe if the character is checking "Display Only Character Achievements to Others",
this website could force no alts to be shown. This might only work as a band-aid fix, but its better than incorrect alts being shown for people who have "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" checked.
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