By Ox Jun 9, 2013
Can you guess what feature I've been playing with today? Lol

The BBCode for custom groups will not work on GuildLaunch. I suspect it has to do do with the dynamic image link. Could you work that out with them, or perhaps make it a static image that updates as the groups are updated?

Also, the HTML widget is huge. It would be nice to have another one that is a smaller font and more compressed that would work as a sidebar widget on GuildLaunch.
By Polar Jun 9, 2013
When you say the BBCode does not work for Guildlaunch, could you let me know a little more detail? Is it that Guildlaunch won't even let you type it in? Or is it that the code goes in and the image does not show? If it is the latter, do you have a page that you can show me where this is broken?

Could you add the HTML Widget size to our suggestion forum so that it does not get lost in among all these bugs?
By Ox Jun 9, 2013
It result in a post with this as the link instead of the image:


Here's a post for you to look at:

By Ox Jun 9, 2013
Correction on that link I gave:
By Polar Jun 10, 2013
Hi there - it looks like it is the way you are posting it. Don't post it as a code block - just post it in the message body as text and it should parse it (provided Guildlaunch allows BBCodes). Give it a go and let me know how it goes.

If it turns out to be the image extension then we might have to put it in the suggestion list for an extension change.
By Polar Jun 14, 2013
Any news on this?
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