By Lethalock May 31, 2013
Hello there Polar is there any way i can have my alts filtered out of the mount ranking, they all of a sudden seem to be popping up all over the place :( also when i click on Lethalock its listing some characters as my alts that aren't actually me, that's less of an issue but still thought was worth mentioning. I just don't like my alts taking up positions in the mount ranks that belong to a real person ^_^

Also thank you for any role you played in helping Blizzard clean up the mount tabs its so much better how it is now once they fix the crimson charger not showing up the data will be perfect so in turn your numbers here will be spot on once again.
By Lethalock May 31, 2013
Just an update, a friend told me i should check the box that says display only achievement earned on this character with all alts i hope that helps.
By Polar Jun 1, 2013
Actually, you should uncheck the box! If the box is unchecked then we will detect your alts and filter them out!

Please try it out.
By Lethalock Jun 1, 2013
Hmmm ok well before the boxed were unchecked and my alts were there now checked it and they're still there i'll go ahread and uncheck again lol
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