By Arith May 17, 2013
Hi there

I purchased the 6 months premium today at 23:04 UK time and I assumed it would have been instant. My paypal email address is not the same as the email address I signed up to on here, which I assume is the issue.

Any possibility you could shed some light on this please? :)

Much appreciated,
Chris - Arith
By Arith May 17, 2013
Oh the forum is saying I'm a Premium member but everywhere else on the site says I'm not.
By Arith May 18, 2013
Seems to be ok now.

By Polar May 18, 2013
We do a little caching with pages so it may take a few minutes to show up - yell out if you have any further problems with it.
By Polar May 18, 2013
And thanks! for supporting us!
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