By Polar May 7, 2013
The mount list from the official API is currently missing some mounts. Consequently, players are showing a few less mounts on GuildOx when compared to what they are seeing in-game.

I have contacted the Blizzard API/ team and they have confirmed to me that they recently put some code in to filter out the opposing faction mounts in an effort to get the mount totals to match in-game but there may be a bug in it still (they are currently investigating). I have provided them with the GuildOx filter list which we have developed over the past months to try to help accelerate the fix.

Our hands are tied until this is fixed.
By Eillesa May 8, 2013
The bug lies in [some of] the retired mounts and carpet mounts. Only 1 carpet is showing, rather than all 3.
By Polar May 9, 2013
Feel free to add your observations and comments to the official API forum at:
By Kuu May 14, 2013
I would just like to weigh in on this discussion. As a serious mount collector I've spent the time to level different classes and factions expressly for the purpose of acquiring that one more mount on my account that I didn't have yet. Currently I know I've collected 306 mounts total and would love to be able to compare myself 1) on my server and 2) worldwide to see where I've gotten to. I know that for some people the in-game/per-toon amount is the only number that's relevant to them, but for those of us who take collecting all of them pretty seriously it's nice to be able to see how we've done in comparison to others.

I understand that there is a bug in the API and I'm certainly willing to wait until it's fixed. I just want to be sure it's known that there are many of us out there that value the list of account wide totals GuildOx provided.
By Polar May 15, 2013
Kuu - if you are asking about having the account-wide mount rankings come back then it can't happen since Blizzard has removed this data from the API. This part is not a bug, it is their intention. See this thread for more details:
By Polar May 22, 2013
FYI the API is still reporting lower mount counts than in-game. Let's hope it is fixed soon.
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