By Waterballs Apr 27, 2013
My guild, Kings Of Blood have downed Garalon, Wind-Lord and Empress but for some reason the progress hasn't been updated, we have the guild achiv on so can you please give us the progress please :) Thanks, Best Regards, Waterballs.
By Polar Apr 28, 2013
Did you try hitting "update" on your guild?
By Waterballs Apr 28, 2013
Yes, around 3 or 4 times :) as you can see it was updated 8 hours ago :) and we got the bosses down around 3 weeks ago so i think it's just a bug.
By Polar Apr 28, 2013
How many people currently in your guild were present for the kill?
By Waterballs Apr 28, 2013
8, 10 at the time and 8 now..
By Waterballs Apr 29, 2013
Can we get this resolved please ? We had 10 in the group and we have the achiv on I find no reason as to why this hasn't been updated on guildox.
By Polar Apr 29, 2013
Please be patient - we are investigating.
By Polar Apr 29, 2013 is only showing six of your guild members with a Garalon kill:

Nunpatrol, Snoopwolf, Waterballs, Symbiosis, Butterfingrs, Emmagan

You need a couple more than that for the kill to trigger.

If you could link up the page of anyone that is missing that shows they have killed Garalon then it would be good.
By Waterballs Apr 29, 2013
well their not in the guild anymore ? What importance does that have, if we had 10 members that were in the guild at the time then we got the guild run lol :S
By Polar Apr 29, 2013
The guild run achievement triggers on LFR as well as normal/heroic modes so it is not a reliable measure of assessing a normal mode kill. We use other data to assess the kill, hence why I am asking for a list of current members which have the kill.

Are you planning on running it again this coming lockout?
By Waterballs Apr 30, 2013
Umm ok i get what you're saying there, but we've got the empress kill on normal so wouldnt we have had to do the others to get to that ? Umm to be honest there will be only 6 in the guild atm that have done it on normal, the rest have moved on :) and no we don't really wanna go in there again, we want to concentrate on ToT.
By Polar May 5, 2013
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