By adorina Apr 25, 2013
When I look at the pet list for my guild... it shows three of my alts at the top three ranks. Is there a way to fix this? :(
By Polar Apr 26, 2013
Can you list the names and the server? We will look into it.
By adorina Apr 26, 2013

Adorina, Himikos and Maiyumi.
By Polar Apr 26, 2013
Hi - it appears that you have switched off alt detection for your toons. Could you go into the game and under the "interface/display" settings uncheck the "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" for each of your alts and then refresh them on GuildOx?

Let me know how it goes.
By adorina Apr 26, 2013
That worked perfectly! Thank you so much! I never even thought about that... :D
By Polar Apr 27, 2013
Locked - all sorted
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