By Flaer02 Apr 23, 2013
The following one handed weapons are drops from LFR. They each have strength as a stat which means they will never drop for a Rogue however they're all showing up in the Rogue template below.

Worldbreaker's Stormscythe -
Shellsplitter Greataxe -
Qon's Flaming Scimitar -
Do-tharak, the Swordbreaker -
Kilrak, Jaws of Terror -
Scimitar of Seven Stars -
Elegion, the Fanged Crescent -
By Flaer02 May 22, 2013
Bumping for awareness.
By Flaer02 Jul 10, 2013
This is still an issue.
By Polar Jul 14, 2013
This is going to require some bigger changes to the system to fix properly. In the meantime you can set a negative value for strength rating to ensure strength weapons are pushed way down the list for rogues.
By Polar Sep 8, 2013
We have implemented a new drop-down role "Melee Agi DPS" - select that and it should now filter out the str one handed items.
By Polar Sep 12, 2013
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