By Jamjam Apr 22, 2013
Hey, the alt detection detects all my 68+ toons apart from one. is there a reason it can't be added? It is horde whereas the others are alliance but I don't think that makes a difference,

My main is Jamjam - Aggramar EU and I am trying to add Muddypriest of the same server
By Polar Apr 26, 2013
Is it possible you have "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" checked for Muddypriest? It should be unchecked. Let me know.
By Jamjam Apr 27, 2013
Definitely 100% unchecked. Just double checked it now.
By Polar Apr 27, 2013
There seems to be a bug still with achievement points from the Blizzard API. Can you tell me what your in-game achievement points are for Muddypriest? The API says 13725 but I suspect it is higher in-game.

In any case, we have done a bit of a work-around and your horde alt should be showing now.
By Jamjam Apr 28, 2013
Thanks a lot for getting it showing, much appreciated.

In game my total achievement points is standing at 14960 though not 13725. I've no idea why the API is saying it's at that though?
By Polar Apr 28, 2013
Glad to hear that it is fixed.

With regards to your achievement points - I believe there is currently a bug in which sometimes shows the horde achievement points lower than what the in-game total is.

I raised this with Blizzard a week or so ago and was told that it is "on the list" to fix :) Hopefully we will see a fix soon.
By Jamjam Apr 29, 2013
That's a pain, but at least it'll get sorted eventually. Thanks again for all your help!
By Polar Apr 29, 2013
Locked - fixed
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