By Flaer02 Apr 1, 2013
It looks like most (potentially all) of the new crafted PvP gear is missing from templates. All of the new items can be found at the link below.
By Polar Apr 4, 2013
How does it look now?
By Flaer02 Apr 4, 2013
Still not seeing any of it with the templates below.
By Polar Apr 7, 2013
Should it be tagged as PvP gear or Crafted BoE?
By Flaer02 Apr 7, 2013
These are all crafted BoE.
By Polar Apr 7, 2013
They are, but do you want your PvE gear lists polluted with PvP items?
By Flaer02 Apr 8, 2013
If they're an upgrade over some starter gear then yes. As it is now their weaker crafted counterparts show in PvE templates.
By Polar Apr 8, 2013
Actually, I think we should add a "Crafted PvP" option to the filter. Leave it with me and remind me if you don't see it within 10 days.
By Flaer02 Apr 9, 2013
Sounds like a plan.
By Flaer02 Apr 22, 2013
Bumping as requested.
By Flaer02 May 22, 2013
Bumping for awareness.
By Flaer02 Jul 10, 2013
By Polar Jul 31, 2013
No need to bump :)

But we have simply changed these over to crafted BoE now.
By Flaer02 Aug 2, 2013
Thanks Polar.
By Polar Aug 5, 2013
Locked - done
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