By fireblade Mar 5, 2013

our banner shows wrong rank in 10 progress and wrong last boss kill. last boss was killed the Will of emperor in heroic difficulty and the banner shows normal SHa of fear. Banner shows that we are 20th on rank list, but actually we are 6th on the server in 10 progess.

Could you be so kind to fix it?

Thank you in advance!

Our guild data:

EU realm
Server Arathor-EU
guild name: Csodaszarvas

Thank you in advance!

By Polar Mar 5, 2013
The progress is currently being reset in preparation for patch 5.2 Your banner will update as soon as you get your next boss kill. Heroic modes in T14 no longer count towards progression.
By fireblade Mar 5, 2013
ok Thank you for your answer!
By Polar Mar 6, 2013
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