By Flaer02 Mar 1, 2013
By Polar Mar 1, 2013
This is intentional - the on-use properties are very situational and don't lend themselves to modelling their special properties. They tend to get used during periods of heavy damage or for special boss attacks. We leave it to the tanks to work out what trinket works best for them depending on the current progression fights they are encountering.
By Flaer02 Mar 1, 2013
That makes sense but shouldn't you at least partially consider the proc effect if only to rank the trinkets better depending on which secondary stats each tank spec likes? As an example of how this can get mixed up, in the template above ilvl 489 Vial of Dragon's Blood and ilvl 496 Vaporshield Medallion are ranked lower than ilvl 399 Watermelon Bomb and ilvl 450 Iron Protector Talisman. With their procs the epics are far better than the Uncommon and the Rare however due to my values for Stamina they're ranked lower. A new person who doesn't understand the procs or doesn't realize the procs aren't accounted for could mistakenly choose vastly weaker trinkets.
By Polar Mar 2, 2013
Feel free to flick this over to the suggestion forum and we will consider it. Also, it might be a sign that your weighting for stamina might be a bit low :)
By Flaer02 Mar 3, 2013
It's a result of my stamina weighting being high actually, so high that without the procs being considered weaker trinkets with stamina are overshadowing stronger. Started a thread in suggestion.
By Polar Mar 3, 2013
or too high (sorry I got your point mixed up). :)
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