By Aimz Feb 24, 2013
On both GuildOx and WoWprogress I found a guild ranked in MoP progress but they have no Progress to rank (no achieves for MoP raids). They show as no progress on WoWHeroes, which seems to have a more accurate progression ranking system.

Example: LOOKIN CUTE FEELIN CUTE (on Whisperwind US) is showing on GuildOx and WoWporgress to be one of the top ranked guilds on the realm with 6/6 (H), 3/6 (H), 4/4, on WoWHeroes they have no progress. Check them on Armory...they have no progress.

So the ranking system on GuildOx and WoWprogress is far from accurate if guilds are ranked without even having progressed. Shouldn't any ranking site use similar formats to determine ranks instead of all of them ranking guilds differently? We, in Mists Legends have gone 15/16 to date but rank differently with each site I have listed, why?
By Polar Feb 24, 2013
Hi there,

LOOKIN CUTE FEELIN CUTE had a whole lot of people leave the guild in December. They had enough to qualify for progression and then most of the guild left (or the guild changed name) - it seems they went back to their previous guild. This is why they are listed as having progression - it is not quite fair to remove progression from guilds just because people leave.

Mists Legend is showing as 15/16 but might be showing a different ranking for many reasons - the main reason being that we rank based on the date of your last kill, while wowprogress assigns points to each kill and then sums the points. They are different ranking mechanisms and you will often get a slightly different ranking as a result.
By Polar Feb 25, 2013
Locked - not actually a bug
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