By fireblade Feb 22, 2013

We have some problem our banner on webpage. If we click on it, we get this error :

Could you be so kind to check it?

Thank you in advance!

By Polar Feb 22, 2013
Can you try it now and let me know how it goes?
By fireblade Feb 24, 2013
By Polar Feb 24, 2013
Hi - you have a typo in your banner URL - it should be and this needs to be fixed on your web site link.

Your web site is correct?
By fireblade Feb 25, 2013

That's correct, My website is http://
By fireblade Feb 25, 2013
oops sorry i mistyped the website my previous message. so the correct website URL is:
By Polar Feb 25, 2013
Locked - please be sure to change the banner URL in the code you have posted on your website and it will be fixed
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