By oscarucb Feb 19, 2013
With account-wide mounts and achievements, many ranking criteria are shared across the account. Alt detection is nice and obviously a given account should only be listed once in the mount ranking, but it would be nice if we could somehow indicate WHICH alt's name we want in the ranking. Currently my account is realm-first in the account-wide mount rankings, but my low-level horde alt (Terix) is listed in the ranking instead of my alliance main (Ashel):

I'm guessing this is probably because your accounting is seeing 3 more horde than alliance mounts, but these mounts are all on the same account, and I want my main's name in the ranking. If it's too hard to provide a tuning option to select my main, could you at least make the selection slightly smarter? For example, choosing the toon with the highest ilvl would probably guess the preferred main in most cases.

By Polar Feb 20, 2013
Hi - Terix is showing because he is a warlock and has more mounts than your alts (since his warlock mounts only show for him)
By oscarucb Feb 20, 2013
I understand that, but it doesn't change the fact that this is an *account*-wide ranking, not a character ranking. It should be showing the main for my account, not a lowbie warlock/dk/pally alt who happens to be on the account.
By Polar Feb 20, 2013
Hi - we are merely taking the mount data that Blizzard provides as part of their API for each character. Rather than calling it account-wide, think of this ranking as showing a count of all the mounts listed on your page at

We would love to be able to name it "a count of all the mounts listed on your" rankings, but it is a bit too long. :)

If you want your main to show the warlock mounts in the API then it is best to take it up with Blizzard.

Here is the link to their API feedback forum:
By oscarucb Feb 21, 2013
You're evading the issue. Clearly the intent is to provide a ranking of all the mounts on a player's account, and it makes no sense to list the name of an unknown, low-level alt who didn't earn any of the mounts instead of a well-known and obvious main who did.

Just because the data is not neatly packaged for you by Blizzard doesn't mean you cannot display it in a more natural way. Your alt-detection heuristic already infers information which is not available via the armory API, all I'm suggesting is that you take this information you already have (which toons are on the account) and use it to select the name of the main to be listed on ranking pages for account-wide stats.
By Polar Feb 21, 2013
Thanks for your suggestion. We will certainly consider it.
By Polar Feb 21, 2013
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