By heiko3169 Feb 8, 2013
Pics, Banners and Sigs are not updating accordingly.
See our Guild Radiance on Gilneas-EU. The banner shows T14H 1/14 ..thats correct, but it shows still rank 42 (as it was before the H kill), while in the ranking overview we are ranked in P37 now.
By heiko3169 Feb 8, 2013
Not it has changed and shows properly
By Polar Feb 8, 2013
Yes, I think there was a delay in the realm rank updates for your realm. It should happen within a few minutes of you having your kill updated. We will keep an eye on it.
By fireblade Feb 13, 2013

Same probelem is here. Banner shows wrong rank. We are at 9th in ranklist, and Banner shows 11.

Guild name: Csodaszarvas
Realm: Arathor EU

By Polar Feb 13, 2013
Your 25+10 rank is 11 and is showing correctly. Your 10m rank is 9 and is showing correctly.
By fireblade Feb 14, 2013
Thank you! Now the Banner shows the correct rank!
By Polar Feb 14, 2013
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