By Wileepeyote Feb 5, 2013
Have just switched to using your site for our guild rankings/progression.

Everything looks great and works well. But unfortunately one of our boss kills is showing as 25 man, when we are a 10 man guild.

Guild: Inglorious (Frostwhisper-EU)
Kill: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 11/11/2012

Would be great if this could be corrected.
By Polar Feb 6, 2013
I was able to delete it and re-scan. Unfortunately, a lot of the data that allows it to be detected as a 10m is no longer available (it was killed back in November) so it is showing as a "-" in the mode.
By Tearyn Mar 6, 2013
Having this but in reverse, 2 of our kills in ToT is listed as 10man, the first and third, bizarrely the second, Horridon, is listed as 25man.

We ran some offnight 10man raids, notably getting 10HC-Will down in tier 14 on 10s, when we skipped it on 25, that might have gotten us tagged as a 10man guild.
By Polar Mar 6, 2013
The reverse is 99% likely to be caused by someone submitting your guild for an update before all the players that got the kill logged out of the game (and had forced the Blizzard API data to update). Resubmit again, well after everyone logs out, and it will update it to show a 25m kill.
By Polar Mar 6, 2013
Locked - raise it as a new bug report should it not correct itself after a day
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