By dhomeli Jan 28, 2013

My guild is listed as having downed Four Kings and Will of the Emperor, but we have not even started progress on them.
By Polar Jan 28, 2013
There appears to be a bug since this is happening with a few guilds at the moment. I suspect it is on Blizzard's API end (they pushed out a new update to this API on Friday) but we are investigating. Standby.
By Polar Jan 29, 2013
It turns out that Blizzard changed some of the data in their API and this has caused us to pick up some normal mode Four Kings and Will kills erroneously. We are in the process of clearing these out.
By dhomeli Jan 29, 2013
Thank you for your quick responses!
By Polar Jan 29, 2013
My pleasure. It should no longer be picking up Four Kings and Will, but we need to reset the old records. We expect to have this completed within 24 hours.
By jdyck3 Feb 1, 2013
Well It Looks Like most have been corrected. But there are still about 5 guilds that are not on Steamwheedle Cartel,
By jdyck3 Feb 1, 2013
Guilds ranked 24-27 Are still messed up
By Polar Feb 1, 2013
Could you provide a specific guild name and explain how it is "messed up" so we can investigate?
By jdyck3 Feb 1, 2013
First Guild is Previously Guildless (Horde) They are 6/16 not 7/16 they have not killed Will......Sparta (Horde) Is also 5/16 Have not killed Will...Phail Boat (Horde) Is Also 5/16 Have not killed Will....Cake (Horde) IS Also 5/16 Have not killed Will....Reliquary (Alliance) Is also 5/16 Have not Killed Will...Reprisal (Horde) is 4/16 and have not killed Will....Please Update
By jdyck3 Feb 1, 2013
Also The Gods of War (Horde) is 7/16 ..I believe that is all of them...
By Polar Feb 2, 2013
My friend, for all that you listed their score (a count of progress kills) and rankings are fine. It is just their tooltip - and this will update over time.
By Polar Feb 3, 2013
Update - we found some more guilds that were incorrectly showing some Four Kings, Will and Stone Guard normal mode kills. These should now be reset. The cause of this was that Blizzard changed the names of these in the progress API last weekend and we were using their names as unique identifiers.

If you find any more then please post up the following details: Guild Name, Server and kill that is showing incorrectly.

Posting up "a bunch of my server's guilds are messed up" does not help us. If you believe their are lots (and there should not be anymore) then post up one or two examples. Thanks.
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