By llargo Jan 17, 2013

Our guild is mainly a 25m raiding team, and even if our 10m is doing well we would like to only show our 25m rank.
Unfortunatly I am not able to show that rank anymore for some reason or other. I tried to update our guild but it still doesn't want to show only 25m, instead it show 25+10m...
Please could fix this.


By Polar Jan 17, 2013
While you are "mainly" a 25m guild, the fact is that your 10m team is doing better. GuildOx is taking your best ranking (in this case your 10m ranking) and using that for ranking calculations. It is not a bug a such, more of just the way we chose to do things. It will continue to do this as long as your first boss kills are being done by your 10m team.

That being said, if you set your recruitment message in the "options" to say you are a 25m guild then it will improve your recruitment chances.

Hope that explains it.
By llargo Jan 21, 2013
Ok, I understand...
Well now, you pushed us to do better... so we did, three HM R25 in one night... but somehow only taken as R10 after update.
Or am I impatient ?

Thanks for the help.

By Polar Jan 21, 2013
My friend, you need to kill a new boss with your 25m team to get on the 25m-only ranking. Which new boss did you kill (one that your 10m team have not killed yet)?
By llargo Jan 22, 2013
Yeah, that's clearer...
I pretty much understood that it was going to be our best results, not first result, no worries, I guess we'll have to kill another HM boss quickly :).
By llargo Jan 27, 2013
I guess we can close this ticket... thx for the answers !
By Polar Jan 28, 2013
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