By Empi3 Jan 11, 2013

we're a guild with 2 10-man groups.
Feng the Accursed
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
Four Kings
should be all 10-man.

Date on Garalon is wrong. it should be 20.12.2012 20:22 (GMT)
Date on Wind Lord Mel'jarak is wrong. Should be 08.01.2013 20:36 (GMT)
By Polar Jan 11, 2013
Should be good now - but you will have to go and re-add your youtube kill links for the latest two bosses.
By Empi3 Jan 14, 2013
arigato gozaimasu Polar-san.
By Empi3 Jan 14, 2013
oh. the date on mel'jarak was 6 jan, thanx for checking that too. i can be retarded sometimes :P
By Polar Jan 16, 2013
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