By dennon01 Jan 11, 2013
I have noticed at least on one realm that the rankings for "Challenge Mode Rating" are bugged. Looking at the ratings for Gilneas-US, I see 2 people at the top of the list (Stormeyes and Boogairs) who both have a challenge mode rating of 20241 at the moment (top 2 on the realm). However, the armory shows that neither of them have any challenge mode runs at all, and neither of them have earned any challenge mode achievements on any toon at all. I'm not really sure what could be causing that bug, but something is definitely wrong there.
By Polar Jan 11, 2013
Try refreshing these toons and it should clear out the old data (there is a bit of test data still floating around on some of the server specific lists). Let me know how it goes.
By dennon01 Jan 13, 2013
While the issue I mentioned in my previous post seems to be fixed, I am noticing a new issue now. When guilds are updated, the characters that are updated with the guild are not generally updating the challenge mode rating portion of their profile. The only way that this segment of the profile seems to update is if the player is updated individually.
By Polar Jan 16, 2013
Could you try it again now and let me know if it works as expected?
By dennon01 Jan 17, 2013
Nope, it still not seem to be working as expected. Players who do not currently have any data in the "Challenge Rating" field are still not having the field updated when guild updates are done (at least in my experience).
By Polar Jan 17, 2013
Could you let me know one of the characters that is not updating and I will look into it?
By dennon01 Jan 17, 2013 and are 2 examples from the same guild. Assuming no manual updates are done to these characters between the time of my posting and the time in which you read it, you can see that each character has been updated recently (due to a guild update). However, neither of them have a challenge rating at all (not even a rating of 0, although both should be higher than that).
By Polar Jan 17, 2013
Thanks - it should be all fixed now.
By vincey Jan 22, 2013

On Shattered Hand there is the same issue.

The people who are listed as tied for 1st place haven't even done challenge modes yet.

Thank you for your help.
By Polar Jan 22, 2013
Vincey, simply hit update on these toons and they will have their real scores updated.
By Polar Jan 22, 2013
Locked - solved
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