By Flaer02 Dec 31, 2012
The following trinkets are not flagged as faction specific; both faction versions are showing up despite flagging a template as Horde only or Alliance only. Many of them are not displaying their Justice Point cost or are displaying the wrong cost.

Horde Only
Dominator's Arcane Badge -
Dominator's Mending Badge -
Dominator's Deadeye Badge -
Dominator's Durable Badge -
Dominator's Knightly Badge -

Alliance Only
Arcane Badge of the Shieldwall -
Deadeye Badge of the Shieldwall -
Durable Badge of the Shieldwall -
Knightly Badge of the Shieldwall -
Mending Badge of the Shieldwall -
By Polar Jan 04, 2013
All fixed - Please check.
By Flaer02 Jan 04, 2013
The regular versions of Dominator's Knightly Badge and Dominator's Durable Badge are not showing a JP cost. Both versions (regular and upgraded) of each are still showing in Alliance only templates like the one below.
By Polar Feb 03, 2013
Hopefully all fixed now.
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