By Khavar Dec 29, 2012
My guild is purely 10 man, however our Will of the Emperor (normal mode) kill incorrectly shows as 25 man on the realm rankings. How do I correct this? The guild is Reformed on the Sen'jin US server (


By Khavar Jan 6, 2013
I see that our Will of the Emperor kill now shows the mode as 10 man, however for some reason the Guild Launch widget for Guildox still shows our "Pure 10/25 Rank" as 25 man realm rank 2 rather than 10 man realm rank 4. Would this be a Guild Launch issue, or is there still something with our guild profile on Guild Launch that indicates us as a 25 man guild?

By Polar Jan 7, 2013
It was certainly something on our end and it has been fixed. It might take a little while for the guild launch cache to update. Let's keep a watch on it.
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