By Eillesa Dec 23, 2012
A few of us have noticed that our mount counts are still incorrect. My in game total on Eillesa- Dragonmaw is 219, but its showing my in game total as 223. Perhaps you can take a look at my mounts and see where the problem may be
By mad4mounts Dec 23, 2012
Eillesa is correct all of the mount counts are still way off, i know your site doesn't draw its data from the stats page of armory but just for your own reference is my stats page with my true mount count of 235 but Guildox still has me at 263 for some reason.
By Eillesa Dec 23, 2012
Oddly enough, I followed what mad said, and my armory shows me at 221, rather than 219. I dont know whats up with that.
By Polar Dec 23, 2012
@mad4mounts Your toon lethalock is showing at 238, not 263 (I think you are looking at the old mount list)

By Polar Dec 23, 2012
Can you guys let me know what your in-game mount tab says with regards to the mounts collected? I believe there are still a couple of bugs with regards to the site so I want to match it with what is in-game. Thanks.
By Polar Dec 23, 2012
Where is says "Total Mounts X" - please let me know what X is.
By Eillesa Dec 23, 2012
Ive grabbed you a few numbers for your convenience mostly from Weekend Warrior. Not sure if this is helpful or not.

Ravenor (Dragonmaw-us) 141
Eillesa 219
Sergc - 76
hatekrime 115
Contagion 58
Ryllan 125
Tekj 142

Karma - Ner'zhul 196
By Eillesa Dec 23, 2012
Not sure why, Eillesa no longer shows on top world 100, you'll find me there as Dakall- Sargeras. Rather than Eillesa Draonmaw.
By mad4mounts Dec 23, 2012
Yeah the new list as me at 238 which is still too high, the armory stats and my in game total is 235 but its getting there ^_^ starting to see some much more realistic numbers on people.
By Polar Dec 23, 2012
Eillesa - could you mail me - I want to send you a list of mounts we are detecting for you and get you to check it off in game. We can then get to the bottom of this mystery. It would be a great help.
By Polar Dec 23, 2012
Mad4mounts - could you mail me as well?
By mad4mounts Dec 23, 2012
By Polar Dec 23, 2012
Thanks to you guys I think we have that little mystery solved. Hit "update" on your toons and wait a moment to see the new mount score.

Yell out if you still see some that are out.
By Eillesa Dec 24, 2012
I have had a peek over Donpaladino- Mazrigos EU. His mount count is showing as 243, when I think it should be 236.
By Polar Dec 24, 2012
Fixed - How does Donpaladino look now?
By Eillesa Dec 24, 2012
That looks better on his realm, I see him at 236 there, but is still showing 242 on the overall. Not sure if thats just on my end or not.

also Yablik of Moon Guard (US), is saying her mount total should be at 224, rather than 230/228. There is also a difference there between realm and overall. She has the argent tournament (Horde) mounts, that I do not have. Take a peek there and see

Darkspear Raptor
Forsaken Warhorse
Orgimmar Wolf
Silvermoon Hawkstirder
White Skeletal Warhorse
Swift Burgundy Wolf
Great Golden Kodo
Swift Purple Raptor
Swift Red Hawkstrider
Thunder Bluff Kodo
Sunreaver Hawkstrider
Sunreaver Dragonhawk (horde)
Silver Covenant Hippogryph (Alliance)

I guess if Don is right, you should have the horde straightened out.
By Eillesa Dec 24, 2012
emailed you, found the 3!
By Polar Dec 24, 2012
Hi - just remember that the world ranks are updated every hour. So you may have to wait a moment for them to catch up.
By Wilhelm115 Dec 24, 2012
Looks good now on my end(horde that had 2 extra that aren't there anymore) just waiting for others to update and see.
By Polar Dec 24, 2012
Thanks Eillesa - Yablik should be sorted now!

Keep letting us know if you find any more (but I think we are getting close to perfect)
By Polar Dec 26, 2012
Locked - solved
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