By Flaer02 Dec 17, 2012
I'm getting a blank page with no items listed when trying to load my Shaman toon (Rett@Perenolde-US) into the template below. Clearing my browser cache did not help, nor did changing the template level to match my toons level.
By Polar Dec 18, 2012
It should be fixed now
By Flaer02 Dec 18, 2012
Looks great, thanks.
By Polar Dec 18, 2012
By unknown Dec 22, 2012
Having the same issue the past two days. (Woundedknees@Dark Iron -US) If I set the stats for what I want it shows gear but the minute I load my character everything disappears, including the side bar with latest news and list of templates.
By Polar Dec 23, 2012
@ wackinya the issue you describe is a little different to what is outlined by Flaer - it sounds like something on your machine - is it still a problem for you?
By unknown Dec 24, 2012
Yes its still happening. If I search for gear without loading my toon all is well. Gear shows up except for top upgrades. If I try to load my toon from armory it returns nothing for the gear or upgrades. I tested it with some other toons and settings and had mixed results. If I load my hunter it works fine. If I load my shaman or my warlock the problem happens again. I have tested with Woundedknees@Dark Iron-us (Shaman)
aimslow@Dark Iron-us (Hunter) and omfgrun@Dark Iron-us (Warlock) I have duplicated these results in both IE 9 and Chrome browsers. I am not sure why it would happen with some characters and not others.
By Polar Dec 25, 2012
Ok found the problem - how does it look now?
By unknown Dec 26, 2012
It's working again! Thanks so much
By Polar Dec 26, 2012
Thanks for your patience :)
By Polar Dec 26, 2012
Locked - solved
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