By pwm Dec 11, 2012
There seem to be issues with agility weights for some selections I make (survival hunter).

When viewing chests, my Zor'lok's Fizzing Chestguard (496) get a score of about 3294.69 - but with a weight of 4.21 specified for agi, just the agi should give 1063*4.21 =

4475. A further 160 + 80 agi from gems and and 120 agi from socket bonus should bring the agi score up to 5990.

As it is now, ilvl 429 green items are scored better. The same problem goes with most chest items - the scores are totally wrong all through the list.

Similar if I switch to legs. My Yaungol Slayer's Legguards (496) gets a score of 2971.53 and gets behind ilvl 408 greens. Some few items, like Subetai's Pillaging Leggings

(489) seem to count correctly but a large percentage of the list is totally off.

Trinkets. I notice that Hawkmaster's Talon (489) doesn't make the top-40, which means it gets a score below 920. Before a recent update, it had a score of better than 4800

with my weights used. So it probably lost the bonus from the 1079 constant agi and just get a score from the haste proc.

Weapons - I suspect my bow - Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm (476) - is also missing the fixed agi score.

There are probably errors with other tabs too. And the agi issues seem to have happened when you stopped to always show the L1/L2 upgrades for gear.

Last reload was made with the following link:



Character Zyxchopper, Shattered Halls EU
By Polar Dec 11, 2012
Well spotted. I can confirm that some agility scores have been messed up (Blizzard changed the layout of the tooltips with the 5.1 release and we had to do a fair amount of re-coding to grab the item stats). We will have this sorted asap. Standby.
By Polar Dec 12, 2012
This should be fixed now. Yell out if you see any stray agility items that don't appear to be ranking where they should be and we will get them refreshed.
By pwm Dec 12, 2012
It looks much better now, but I still notice some items with missing agi.

On helm tab:
Crown of the Doomed Empress (509)

On shoulders tab:
Waterborne Shoulderguards (516)

On chest tab:
Raiment of Blood and Bone (496)
Sunwrought Mail Hauberk (496)
Chain of Unsiezed Skies (496)
Yaungol Slayer's Tunic (496)

On legs tab:
Yaungol Slayer's Legguards (496)

On trinkets tab:
Arrowflight Medallion (496)
Terror in the Mists (483)
Jade Bandit Figurine (489)

On weapons tab:
Taoren, the Soul Burner (483) - also misses Sha socket
Taoren, the Soul Burner (496) - also misses Sha socket

Ty for good work and a very nice resource.
By Polar Dec 12, 2012
Thanks for your help here. I think I have got all these refreshed. Yell out again if you find anything else.
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