By Triolyf Dec 4, 2012
show me your crits - kul'tiras is showing up as a 25man guild with 25m kills however we are running 2 10man groups. All kills have been 10man only. Please, can this be fixed so we show up properly as a 10m progression guild? Thanks in advance!
By Triolyf Dec 4, 2012
show me your crits - kul'tiras-US ...sorry forgot to clarify it is the US server
By Polar Dec 4, 2012
Are you guys really raiding with two 10m teams with near identical progression? This is impressive group balance.
By Triolyf Dec 5, 2012
Yes, we are! :) Both teams are progressing nicely and pretty well on pace with each other.
By Triolyf Dec 5, 2012
Btw, thanks for your time and effort on correcting this issue. We really do appreciate all of your hard work :)
By Polar Dec 6, 2012
Thanks! Give us another couple of days to get the right fix in for this.
By Obsurd Dec 16, 2012
Don't mean to hijack a thread or anything, but Exposed US-Area 52 is having the same issue. We're purely 10m, just 1 team and more than half of our kills are showing up as 25m.
By Polar Dec 16, 2012
Locked. Should be fixed now. Note that your earlier kills may be too old to detect the mode in which they were done.
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