By eFse7en Dec 3, 2012
I'm wearing:

And on the loot-rank list it says, that L1 upgrade would give me +27.65 points and L2 - +56.3 points, while it should be about +240 and +480 for my weights. I think the problem occurs in main hand and two hand weapons.

Also i think you're not taking Sha-touched gems into consideration.

Here's my loot rank page if you want to check it:
By Polar Dec 3, 2012
I suspect that we are not scaling the spell power properly. I am on the case.

As for sha-touched gems - you are correct, it is not taking them into consideration yet but this is something that we are actively working on.
By Polar Dec 4, 2012
OK - how does it look now?
By eFse7en Dec 5, 2012
mh problem is fixed, but 2h weapons still have wrong summed weight, sha-touched gems are not being taken into consideration, and i think some weapons doesn't have option to be upgraded, like crafted inscribtion 2hs or blue weapons.
By Polar Dec 5, 2012
Could you give an example of a 2H weapon with the wrong summed weight?

Sha-touched gem slot is not implemented yet but will be coming soon.

Blue-weapon upgrades not implemented yet - we want to get the epic ones right first.
By eFse7en Dec 5, 2012
Sry my bad, only pvp season 13 - 2h and mh has wrong weights. Btw could you remove them from showing up or atleast do a filter? Since only 40 slots can be displayed and with upgrades the same item is showing up 3 times, I can display only like 14 items. So with aditional items that are not in the game yet, i can't see items that are giving me small upgrades.

Also those staves don't show up with upgrades on the list:

and i've read on wh that one hunter upgraded his BoA staff.

Btw i think the best way to show those updates would be to have a javascript switch between showing them and not. But i guess that would be a lot of work. My other idea would be to select on which slots do you want to see upgrade options. Cuz as we know, noone's gonna upgrade his ring with valor points until he has upgraded mh, chest, head, etc...
By Flaer02 Dec 5, 2012
They may just need a refresh however upgraded versions of Mogu'Dar, Blade of the Thousand Slaves ( and Inelava, Spirit of Inebriation ( have tooltip values that don't match WoWhead and they're calculating to 11 decimal points.
By Polar Dec 6, 2012
@eFse7en I have refreshed those staves (and the weapons Flaer mentioned) and they should now be showing their upgrades.

With regards to PvP season 13 gear - let's see if we can find a way to filter them out.

@Flaer Don't worry too much about the decimal points - it is a result of the scaling we do on the item stats. We will get this sorted, but be assure that it is a cosmetic thing.

By Flaer02 Dec 6, 2012
You rock Polar!
By eFse7en Dec 7, 2012
Gj Polar, staves work now.

As for the season 13 pvp gear. Maybe don't show items from PTR at all.
By Polar Dec 7, 2012
The Season 13 gear should now be removed.
By eFse7en Dec 8, 2012
good job with fixes. Anyway just wanted to let you know that season 13 is still visible.
By Polar Dec 8, 2012
Can you provide an example of a season 13 item that is still showing and we will look into it. Thanks!
By eFse7en Dec 8, 2012
sure, here you go:
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