By Kilee Nov 30, 2012
Imperial Silk Gloves are coming out about 20pp higher than should be.

What is shown: 1445.5806
What I get: 1422.452663

Not sure what is happening with this item.
By Polar Dec 2, 2012
I just refreshed them. How does it look now?
By Kilee Dec 2, 2012
Hm... looks the same.
By Polar Dec 2, 2012
Are you taking the reforge into account?

Link up your template and we can take a closer look.
By Kilee Dec 2, 2012

I keep a seperate spreadsheet on my pc with my char's current gear, set up to mirror the website so that I can catch "anomolies" or random proc items (like trinkets).

On my spreadsheet, for Imperial silk gloves, I'm showing 1411.6 score. atm I'm using a higher decimal precision for stat weights than the site, but it should be pretty close to that. Right now it's showing 1434.0134. I may have made a mistake somewhere but I've checked myself 4-5 times now and I can't see any error. I also seem to remember the gloves were lower a few updates ago.

By Polar Dec 3, 2012
Found a small issue where the socket bonus was being double counted. How does it look now?
By Kilee Dec 4, 2012
That worked. Thank you!
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