By Flaer02 Nov 28, 2012
I posted in the existing suggestion thread for this but figured it should be here too. I see from your post that you plan to fix up the item detection when loading a toon. Will this cause the point cost to update as well?

Also, as it stands now when you do load a toon it highlights all the iterations of your worn items instead of just the equipped version.
By Polar Nov 28, 2012

When we get the toon import sorted - it will only show 1 item rather than all 3.

As for point cost, we will review this and might just set them 750 and 1500 respectively to make it simpler.
By Polar Nov 28, 2012
I should also add that the Blizzard API does not yet show the upgrade status of items yet. We need this to be in place to get the player import functioning perfectly. They have mentioned that it is coming "soon" :)
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