By vincey Nov 25, 2012
Title says it all.

Enclave on Shattered Hand is showing up as 10 man kills.

One of the guild rules is that you do not pug outside of the guild. We have a few members that have broken this rule, but they did not progress further than we are.

Is there anything I can do as a GM/Account Manager to edit what is being looked at for progress?
By vincey Nov 26, 2012
To add to this, we have never once killed any bosses as a guild nor most of the guild separately while not in a 25 man raid setting.
By Polar Nov 26, 2012
I can see two of your kills showing as 25m already. I will investigate the others.
By Polar Nov 26, 2012
How does it look now?
By vincey Nov 26, 2012
It looks fantastic! Thank you so much.
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